Dianne Ochoa

A true entrepreneur, Dianne Ochoa has 25 years of business experience in the small business community. As an Accountant and four-time business owner, she intimately understands the challenges that businesses face. On her fourth business endeavor, Dianne is a small business expert, with in emphasis in accounting and operational management. Her professional history includes accounting and business operations experience, where she carries a proven track record in helping businesses close the financial and operational gap.

In 2005, Dianne formed GeneSys Accounting Controls, an Accounting firm, whose sole purpose was to provide the necessary operational support for small businesses to grow their business. In 2009 she purchased the Make-it-Fly Metro LA Franchise, a professional training company that forms Peer Advisory Groups for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She successfully facilitated and directed individuals and groups in improving their business skills, while addressing the many challenges of entrepreneurship.

In addition to forming and operating four businesses, Dianne’s professional history includes 10 years of business consulting, where she routinely directed the overall functions of the financial, human resource and business operations. She has successfully managed the responsibility of implementing the professional vision, business goals, and administrative policies of the companies she has served.