Andy Cameron
Managing Director
Oasis Engineering

“Oasis Engineering Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of CNG (compressed natural gas) components with sales to over 30 different countries. We found exporting into USA posed significant challenges with new regulations, standards and product applications. In addition we needed to convince the market that we would be easy for USA companies to deal with. Co-Pilots gave fantastic assistance and support as we set up our in country sales force and put in an effective customer-friendly account management and banking system. Our customers are now very happy dealing with us and find our supply processes better faster and more reliable than many local companies. Thanks Co-Pilots”

Joseph Fong
Asian American Architects/Engineers Association

“Co-Pilots has been instrumental in guiding our association to meet our mission. Their ability to understand our goals and partner with us to provide valuable insight has been key to our success.”

Greg Trujillo
Southern California Development Forum

“We are grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Dianne and Co-Pilots. They not only helped us organize and better manage our operations but have provided us tools to manage our organization more effectively. They truly understand their clients operations and proactively both recommend and implement improvements that add value.”

Manuel Romero

“Co-Pilots takes care of the day to day so the I can focus on the future. It is almost like auto-pilot 🙂

Greg Jarvis
Managing Director
Bluelab Corporation Limited

“Co-Pilots achieved all of the necessary activities quickly and efficiently and continued to co-ordinate and manage the on-going US business requirements of our U.S. subsidiary.”